We are living in a marvelous age where hundreds of new trends as well as rapid changes are calling us to get involved, so much so that it sometimes gets hard to stay up-to-date. But no worries… We have chosen the most promising ones for you! By ASLI IZMIRLI

2019 has truly been a year of rapid change! Various technologies have been gaining momentum, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality, as digital transformations continue to keep penetrating and shaping our lives. In essence, they are actively transforming the age we are living in. On the other hand, we are also witnessing an intense shift in prosperity, which is harder to preserve than it was in the past. Fortunately, forward-thinking companies and startups are here to fill the gap. Marketing communications brand JWT Intelligence, which is one of the world’s
leading companies in the areas of data, research, insight, trends and innovation, has defined 2019 as “a rollercoaster year of change”.

“Future 100”, JWT Intelligence’ annual forecast of global shopping and consumption trends inspired us a lot. With the first half of 2019 now behind us, we took a look back at the Future 100 and assessed how we have done so far as well as where we are going in the next half of the year. Here are the 10 trends which JTW Intelligence published in the beginning of 2019 and which we think will continue to keep gaining momentum in the next few months!

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