The Pioneer of Modest Fashion

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The Pioneer of Modest Fashion

The Pioneer of Modest Fashion

The Pioneer of Modest Fashion

The Pioneer of Modest Fashion

The Pioneer of Modest Fashion

Emirati designer and founder of modest clothing line Rabia Z, Rabia Zargarpur, is one of the pioneer women in modest fashion, as well as an inspiration for to­day’s hijabi designers… Her passion for fashion and her achieve­ments as a hijabi designer have earned her respect in the modest fashion world, while at the same time paving the way for young de­signers of today. By Ozgur Gozler & Photographed by Umit Taylan

We’re almost sure most of you have heard about Rabia Zargarpur… She is the designer and founder of the Rabia Z brand that specializes in modest fashion, a brand which is mostly known for its ‘modern and effortless chic’ style. Rabia Zargarpur grew up in Dubai and moved to California after graduating 2 years early from high school. She received her degree in business with a minor in fashion in the US. In 2002, she started her own e-commerce store—one of the first e-commerce stores in the world specializing in modern, modest ready-to-wear fashion for women. In 2008, Zargarpur won the British Council’s International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Mediterranean Region. And the follow­ing year, her designs hit the runway of London Fashion Week.

Now she owns a brand which is the only modest fashion brand of its kind, selling to 71 countries online. She is on the way to earning a Ph.D. in Business of Fashion from the London College of Fashion and is in the process of launching the Rabia Z Modest Fashion Academy as well as the online Rabia Z Men­torship Program for young designers and brands in modest fashion. On top of all this, she manages all these responsibilities while raising her kids at home.

We can confidently say her success lies in her passion and in the fact that fashion has always been her true calling… Even when she tried to choose a different career path, everything and everyone around her somehow steered her towards pursuing fashion. Her journey towards pursuing her dreams was not an easy one, but this successful and ambitious woman has over­come many things. We sat down with Rabia to hear her story…

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