How to Stay Fit During Winter

After the summer heat comes to an end, our appetites fully recover and even increase. However, there are some tips for staying healthy and fit in winter. Here are some of them… By Melis Calapkulu

When summer ends, our appetites tend to increase, right? You take shelter under the covers and don’t feel much like coming out. However, the truth is you are actually moving less and eating more, which brings along with it the issue of weight gain. Moreover, your metabolism slows down in fall and winter.

But don’t worry. Fruit are packed with vitamins, and some vegetables help with burning fat. It’s easy to stay fit with a healthy diet and even a small amount of exercise. Here are some tips…


The most important thing when trying to lose weight is don’t give up! Even if you do get off track on certain days, you should still not give up. Losing weight the healthy way, and in a way that doesn’t harm the body, takes times. Believe in yourself and also in your strong will. When desserts, french fries or other foods that are not part of your diet plan are served or even put down directly in front of you, immediately opt for a glass of water. If you can put off having these foods for even one day, you’ll start to feel stronger against fighting the temptation. The next day it will be easier to resist them altogether.

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