How To Pack Smartly For Winter Vacations

Do you like winter holidays but hate packing loads of clothes? Here are some tips to pack smartly for winter vacations. By Nahla Naciri

Winter is all grey time, windy days and cold nights… But, this isn’t going to stop us from taking some days off and getting away for a quick vacation. Winter requires packing loads and loads of heavy clothes to keep you warm while you enjoy your trip. If you don’t want to end up with 2 or 3 suitcases for a quick week trip, you have to pack smartly. Here is my “4 steps method” to prepare a minimalist suitcase for a successful winter holiday.

1 – First take a look at the weather

It may sound silly to say but you can be surprised by how the weather will be at your vacation spot, if you don’t take 2 minutes to look at the expected temperatures, whether it will rain or it will rather be sunny. This information should allow you to anticipate the fact that you may need one or two umbrellas, or rather sunglasses, or both! Also remember to choose the pair of shoes that is best suited for walking while keeping you warm and rain-resistant! As for me, I take only one pair of shoes and one coat in order to not clutter the bag, it is necessary that the shoes are comfortable and they go with all of your outfits, I would rather go for Black ones.

2 – Quote and categorize the contents of your suitcase

To truly not forget anything and not overload your suitcase, I advise you to note on a sheet of paper “everything” you have to store in, and draw a small check box once it’s in the bag. Be specific; write for example “pullovers x 2”. As for what you can pack, since you’ll be wrapped in your coat all day long while exploring the city or the place where you’ll be at, your outfit will look the same daily, so invest your suitcase space in accessories, different neck scarves, different Hijabs colors and 2 pairs of trousers. For makeup, concoct yourself a mini toiletry bag with your beauty essentials.

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