Hijab in Style “March 2019”


Welcome to our March issue. This month is special for us, not only because it’s spring, a time of new beginnings, but because also in that month there are 24 hours dedicated solely to our vision, and to us. The 27th of March will be celebrated for the third time as Muslim Women’s Day. Although we have achieved a lot, we have just began. There is no other time that we can make our voices louder, make them be heard and understood. That’s why this month we’ve dedicated our cover story to the women who are opening this path for us. Flipping through the pages, you will read about some of the strongest, bravest and most creative among all the modest women around the world. We believe they will inspire you with their stories and achievements. 

One of the pioneer women in modest fashion, Rabia Zargarpur, who is also an inspiration for today’s hijabi designers and entrepreneurs, met with us in Dubai for an interview. Her passion for fashion and her achievements as a hijabi designer have earned her respect in the modest fashion world, while at the same time paving the way for young designers of today. 

Our March issue is full of interviews with successful and inspiring Muslim women… Social media influencer, founder of Pearl Daisy, inventor of the ‘hoojab’ and the first hijabi woman to appear in L’Oreal Paris commercials in the U.K., Amena Khan, shared her interesting story… The Africa Region Director of the Council of Modest Fashion, Roshan Isaacs, a true visionary, shared her dreams for the future of modest fashion. In addition, powerful blogger and body positivity activist Sarah Shafni shared her inspirations.


I’m delighted to tell you that famous Egyptian health coach Dr. Nourhan Kandil, also known as Dr. Baby by her social media followers, has shared her advice on how to start a healthier and better life. I recommend that you follow her advice if you’re in the mood for a fresh start as spring beckons to us to make new beginnings. 

In this issue you’ll also find the best of all the modest looks from the fashion houses for Spring-Summer 2019, ideas for office looks, halal beauty products you didn’t know were halal, Muslim chefs and cooks you should follow and life-changing apps for you… We’re welcoming you, once again, with an enriching magazine that touches every aspect of your life.


Thank you for keeping us as your ally. And be sure that we will continue to gather all relevant news and stories, which we hope you’ll read fondly, and bring them to you each and every month with great enthusiasm. Happy Muslim Women’s Day. 

With love,




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