The past 15 years have seen a tremendous shift in our way of living due to technology. Now, we are all dependent on our smartphones in almost every aspect of our lives, including for deciding how to dress and which fashion to follow. Smart fabrics and augmented reality are already in our lives, but what other future impacts will emerging technology have on fashion? Well, here’s the answer… By AYSE ARIKAN


A FUTURE WINNER: Sustainable fashion is the new black. Fashion brands which take environmentally conscious approaches to a new level, and in addition biofabrics, are both having an impact on the runway. The most innovative development of future fashion without a doubt will be biofabricators, which grow fabrics from microbial cultures. Imagine a material that feels like silk and can ‘read’ your emotions but which is manufactured using bacteria or mushrooms. Moreover, these naturally sourced materials will decrease the use of plastic and other harmful materials in the fashion industry. Still, the most amazing part is that fashion predictors project that in the future everyone will have a biofabricator in their homes and use it to produce their own ‘leather, silk or cashmere’ garments, and all without harming the environment.

FABRICS REPLACE GADGETS: While dental implant phones remain a sci-fi fantasy, earpieces and head microphones are the beginning of the decline of the handset. Tech and fashion experts believe that smartphones will be replaced altogether with even smarter outfits. Google’s Project Jacquard is a good example of what’s still yet to come in the future. Google is weaving conductive yarns into clothing that responds to touch and gestures. Levi’s was the first denim brand to partner with them in this kind of work. Intended to serve the multitasking needs of urban cyclists, a patch of interactive fibers is woven into the sleeve of the jacket, which can control your music, maps and phone, all through a series of swipes and taps. A removable tag is the link between your machine washable jacket and your smartphone.

BODY-RESTRUCTURING CLOTHING: As many of us are at times not so secure with our bodies, we sometimes use optical illusions to create a more pleasing body proportion, such as A-line dresses that give the appearance of a slimmer waist, or striped trousers that deliver a longer silhouette. Traditionally, garments consisted of two-dimensional designs that followed the body structure. With new technology, however, it’s now possible to also alter the wearer’s shape. This newly emerging ‘illusion wear’ will provide an opportunity to manipulate the wearer’s proportions. Future designs will feature electronic, screen-like surfaces that reconfigure in order to create the wearer’s desired shape, creating an optional illusion that highlights areas of the body while distracting the eye from others. The clothing will mimic the appearance of different textures, colors and materials.

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