“Casual chic” is a dress code that is becoming increasingly popular. If women are so attracted to this concept, it’s probably due to its versatile character which combines comfort and elegance. By Nahla Naciri

In 2019, we want style and comfort at the same time! The casual chic style was born based on this desire. It’s a style that combines comfortable and casual pieces with more formal pieces. And it’s a style that allows us to be comfortable in our lives as active women without being hindered in our movements, while feeling chic and feminine at the same time. It is a style that suits any age and that precisely allows us to have a contemporary modern style without overdoing it, without seeming to overplan an outfit because it is a style that offers a lot of flexibility. Enjoy these 5 spring-inspired casual outfit ideas…

This rather sporty outfit includes a white shirt, a blue palazzo and a cool hijab wrap. The casual touch is brought by the sneakers. The narrow shirt sleeves help create an effortless, chic quality that fits this outfit very well. You can complete this look with a shoulder bag or a backpack.

This is a perfect balance of a chic casual outfit, combining a neutral, plain sweater on the top and a nice classy pant on the bottom, all complemented by a pair of Converse sneakers. You can add a handbag or a shoulder bag, which both work for this look.

Here we have an outfit with a more sophisticated base since we’re using a blazer, which normally is worn with blouses and more formal pieces. So we’re adding casual touches by featuring a white t-shirt and high-waisted jeans along with shiny, casual shoes.

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