Roshan Isaacs is a woman with a vision. As the Africa Region Director of the Council of Modest Fashion, she’s been working hard to fill in the gaps within the industry and to expand it beyond its current borders. By Nagme Candogan & Photographed by Umit Taylan

Roshan Isaacs is a real influencer. Her career has taken her along a versatile and creative path. She created the Style Africa magazine to express the identity of South Af­ricans through fashion in 2013, and she also worked as the country manager of an Islamic global fashion and design industry body for years. In 2018, she became the Africa Region Director of the Council of Modest Fashion to develop ways to cater more to the needs of the South African design industry. In January, she participated in “Modest Fashion Exhibition: Lifestyle Turkey 2019” as a special guest to discuss the growth of the modest fash­ion industry worldwide. Isaacs tells us about her journey in the fashion industry and the challenges she met with bringing global attention to the South African fashion.

Continued on Hijab In Style’s March 2019 issue…

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