Halal Safaris is a Muslim-friendly travel company that provides tailored luxury safaris in Africa. the founder of Halal Safaris, Samia Omar Bwana, describes the safaris as a breathtaking experience in which one can feel a genuine connection with nature.

Samia Omar Bwana was the first County Executive for Tourism, Culture, Trade, Investment, and Natural Resources in Lamu, Kenya. After serving her country for years, she established Halal Safaris to share a breathtaking travel experience in which one can feel a genuine connection with nature as well as with other people within a halal context. Her mission is to provide tailored luxury safaris and tourism services in Africa that are family and Muslim friendly.

Halal Safaris is a pioneer company in offering both luxury halal travel and exclusive Islamic heritage trips, as well as Is­lamic Tourism consultancy services, in the continent of Africa. The company recognizes Africa as being the cradle of Islam and organizes special exclusive trips to learn about the Islamic his­tory and culture of different countries while also exploring rich nature and popular cultural destinations existing in the region. They aim to curate Islamic art and history in Africa with ex­clusive packages, and also trace the paths of renowned Muslim travelers and figures in Africa like Ibn Battuta and Mansa Musa, all in an attempt to revive the history of Islam in Africa.

Apart from the Islamic heritage trips, their tailor-made sa­fari tours are a one-of-a-kind experience you should try at least once in your life. “You should get ready to have your breath taken away and be in awe. You will witness sceneries and experience moments that no camera can ever do justice to. You will actually end up being mad at your phone/camera and find yourself just putting it down to take it all in. Since most savannahs are very flat, the 360-degree view of the sky, rolling hills, lakes and scen­ery of undisturbed nature is magnificent,” are the words Samia uses to describe the safari experience. Come along and hear from Samia in our interview to learn more about halal safaris.


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