The first hijabi woman in the UK to appear in a mainstream beauty ad, Amena Khan takes on many roles in the fashion and beauty field. With a broad range of activities in the industry, she defines the term ‘influencer’ quite well.


The first hijabi woman in the UK to appear in a mainstream beauty ad (for L’Oréal Paris), Amena Khan was born in 1983 in Leicester, United Kingdom. She is the co-founder of the make­up line Ardere Cosmetics, and she has a false lash line (Lashion­ery) as well. Her fashion style is quite connected with her own personal needs, and that sincerity is what makes her popular, her style being quite functional for other women as well. The signature product of her clothing and accessories brand Pearl Daisy, ‘hoojab’ (a ‘hooded’ kind of hijab), is the most obvious proof of that.

Her YouTube channel (Amena) has more than 400 thou­sand subscribers, and her Instagram account (@amenakhan) draws more than 600 thousand followers. But she underscores the fact that, beyond these numbers, “People remember you more for who you are as a person.” We spoke with this beautiful woman about her career and dreams for the future.

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